Handy Little Chart for quilting

Don't know how much fabric to purchase for the back of your quilt? This Quilt Yardage Quick Reference Guide is for you. Print it out and take it to the store. DLW

Quilt measurements

From a Fat Quarter-Great to pin just for reference..

another handy quilt size chart

Strips in a yard chart

Quilting Patterns: 3 fabric quilts

This could come in handy!

Find out how to make a Rag Quilt with these FREE VIDEO TUTORIALS | easy sewing project - Perfect for the girls to make their own!!

Make your own photo quilts. Great gift idea!

How many yards do I need? :Borders - The Cutting Table Quilt Blog - A Blog for Quilters by Quilters

Quilt Sizes and Dimensions..

Quilting size chart

Increasing the size of a quilt pattern

handy quilt size chart

Helpful Charts - The Sassy Quilter

Quilt size and backing yardage chart

Scrap User's System. Well written article on scrap quilting storage and theory along with photos as examples. If you do scrap quilting, this is a must read.

Tips for determining quilt size...

How to square up fabric...everyone needs to know this

Standard mattress & quilt sizes-- I love having the reference to how much yardage is needed for the back. I'm terrible with estimates.