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inhabitants are much kinder because the effect of having too much money has not affected them yet. Proved to the reader when Gatsby gave up his life for Daisy. On the other hand, the East Egg represnts the people there also because Daisy and Tom did not stay in New York and left without attending Gatsby's funeral. The amount of money they have actually did go to their heads, made clear when they did not care about Gatsby. Money represents the novel because that is what everything revolves around

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America Once Had Beautiful Educational Currency - pinnit.appmyxer.c... -

Ghana currency ============================= profgasparetto / eagasparetto / Dom Gaspar I ================================== www.profgasparett... ================================== independent.acade...

Coin of the Himyarite Kingdom, southern coast of the Arabian peninsula. This is also an imitation of a coin of Augustus. 1st century

Coin of Augustus found at the Pudukottai hoard, from an ancient Tamil country, Pandyan Kingdom of present day Tamil Nadu in India. British Museum

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Poland 10 Zlotych 1994 Obverse: Duke Mieszko I; Coat of arms; stylised Romanesque rosettes. Reverse: Medieval silver Denar coin from the reign of Prince Mieszko I. Watermark: Duke Mieszko I. Date of Issue: 25 March 1994.