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  • Jamez Robinson Jr

    Children in bomb shelter, England, 1940-41 #photography

  • Klaverro

    England, 1940-41. "Battle of Britain. Children in an English bomb shelter." #ww2 #war #history

  • Albert Arcas Solà

    “Battle of Britain. Children in an English bomb shelter.” England, 1940-41 From British Information Service/U.S. Office of War Information Thanks to Shorpy Historic Photo Archive - View full size

  • Walter Christie

    Those not old enough to remember, often tend to romanticize WWII, but this photo shows the true stark reality and fear of war. British children huddled in a makeshift air raid shelter as they endure attacks from Hitler’s air force, 1940.

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THE BLITZ (called German lightning, sustained strategic bombing of the United Kingdom by Germany during WWII, between September of 1940 and May of 1941, major raids of more than 100 ton of high explosives were dropped on 16 British cities, London was attacked 71 times)

neighbors in war time England. Everytime, "Are you my mummy?" goes through my mind! Sorry! Love Doctor Who. kn

World War II: Battle of Britain - Children in an English bomb shelter, England, 1940-41 This is a truly remarkable photo

Evacuee children, London, ca.1940 (Their little hats, omg!)

British schoolchildren watching a dogfight above, Kent, 1940, colorized

Children being evacuated from the city during the ongoing German bombing blitz. London, 1940.

Anderson Shelter 1940. These bomb shelters were given free to needy people by the U.K.goverment in 1939.If you earned more than 5 Pounds a week you had to buy one for 7 Pounds. Soon after Sept. 1939 over 2 million families had these shelters in their gardens. from Etiennedup on flickr

Children in a British bomb shelter, ca.1940–1941. S)

Piccadilly, 1940. | 38 Breathtaking Pictures From The Early Days Of The London Underground. During an air strike, people are forced to stay underground in subway tunnels.