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I made a makeshift projector using a box, a lamp and some tape. Project the transparency onto the wall. I found that using a light bulb without the f...
  • Laura Greene

    Paint a mural with a DIY projector ( a cardboard box and a lamp!) Cool idea!

  • Jessica Church

    Make your own DIY projector for tracing wall murals or as a night light do kids room: box, lamp & tape

  • Bethany Crisp

    Homemade projector for painting wall murals. Neatest idea ever!

  • Deb Cisneros

    Smart Idea: Make your own DIY overhead projector for tracing wall murals. Lamp + Box + Tape = DIY Projector. *LOVE*

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Fun idea! May do something similar but stain the image so it looks hazy like the projected image looks. So cool!

and to think there is a bath tub for sale down the street...

How To Make Your Phone Into a Projector (you can project images/letters etc onto wall for painting)

¡Hay que animarse a lo macro! En internet pueden encontrar una infinidad de bancos de imagenes en alta definición que combinadas con buen gusto e imaginación pueden mutar en maravillosas ideas. Tomen por ejemplo esta gigantografía que no solo viste la pared del dormitorio sino que también funciona como respaldo de la cama.

Don't have a projector and want to paint something on the wall? Just need a box, a lamp and tape.

Little Green Notebook: Making a Wall Mural This is so easy and so cool! New York public library has a great digital library that I found online today. Beautiful and unique pieces of art you can download, print and frame!

make your own iphone projector! Love it!

books turned to wall art--the books are sliced up & pages folded in half toward the center

Chalkboard art and writing using an overhead projector. sliding door over the pantry closet to get rid of the swinging door which blocks the garage door??

Artograph Tracer Projector - enlarges any artwork onto a wall or easel from 2 to 14 times the original size. Perfect for wall murals.