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If Marijuana Is Medicine, Why Can’t We Buy It in Pharmacies?

If Marijuana Is Medicine, Why Can’t We Buy It in Pharmacies? "There isn't a single FDA-approved drug in use that is as loosely regulated or as poorly understood as the buds, brownies, and candies for sale at dispensaries."

Pot Pesticides Are Harshing Your Buzz As more jurisdictions are legalizing marijuana, a new report says regulations on chemicals used to grow it don’t protect health.

Say What? Marijuana Legalization Would Bring in How Much in Tax Revenue?

Jesse Teplicki, South Florida Man Charged With Growing Marijuana, Found Not Guilty A South Florida man charged with growing marijuana he claims he needs for a medical condition was found not guilty Monday. Jesse Teplicki, 50, had been charged with manufacturing cannabis and was facing up to five years behind bars. It took jurors just 30 minutes to return the verdict.

Medical Marijuana Is Safe for Children Numerous cases show clinical cannabis is an effective treatment for illnesses in children.

When Weed Is The Cure: A Doctor's Case for Medical Marijuana

Dr. David Casarett used to think of medical marijuana as "a joke." But after taking a deeper look, he's changed his mind. Casarett's new book is Stoned: A Doctor's Case for Medical Marijuana.