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weekend hair: BOHO BUNCHES

LOVING LARA STONE’S MESSY BUNCHES… and so so easy to diy! Just get 4 coloured hair bands, loosely part your hair in messy bunches and secure at around chin level and a little way down the bunch {as you can see here}! {Pic: NY Times Magazine}
Kelsey Knoll
• 3 years ago

spun bun.

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First backcomb your crown section to give it some height, don't worry if it's messy, that's the look. * Next, take the two front sections of your hair and twist them, and as you do, collect all the hair from each side your head, so you're left with two ponytails. * Finally collect all your hair at the nape of your neck and twist into a bun before securing with bobby pins! * Spray with hairspray to give it some hold! Voila! X

I've never known how to use my Bobby pins with these buns but now I know!

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gotta try this hairstyle sometime

the braids in the bun are sweet. this would be a cool hairstyle for homecoming or even a wedding