Not sure why I repinned this one. It's just so funny.

So cute and funny! Love this! He is my Jango size!!!

little girls sometimes want glits and glamour, but there is some that want the everlasting love of what is so called mans best friend but not only is he mans best friend but a hopeful companion to all who love him. thanking god everyday for our furry friends

Hee hee

Oh my gosh

love! oh my goodness :)

Samoyed Dog. I want one!

and my heart just melted<3

My heart just melted.

Australian Shepherd


bath time!!

Goldendoodle.... i want one so baaaadd!!


Chalk dog

Shar-pei puppy!!! I love my wild EBT but I sure do miss my calm Ladybug. :(

My dream dog <3 If someone gets me a siberian husky puppy, I'll love you forever!



funny animal captions :3