need need NEED THIS HAIR

hair wrap

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I'm in love with the big dread braid down the back - I think it's gorgeous

dreads dreads dreads

#bohemian bohemian spirit colors hair rainbow and all that flowery floral jazz

Olivven-Öl-Kur mal anders: Öl erwärmen, ins Haar einmassieren, Haare fönen und dabei kämmen, damit alle Haare erreicht werden

girl dreads | Tumblr i love the shoulder tattoo!

so groovy. i guess you just don't shampoo.....


so pretty - wish i could do this

Argh really love dreadlocks but I know as soon as I want a change its going to be a down right mission! #dreadlocks #hair #hairstyle #hippie #hardwork #blonde

Dreads I would never be brave enough to get them


LOVE DREADS! gorgeous synthetic #dreads falls (from

Hair wrap

Wow - I can't work out how she's managed to colour it so perfectly!

so good.

purple hair :)

Hair ♥ Perfect! What I wanna do next! It's called balayage highlights bitches! Now you know! Much more natural than the ombre

Too bad I'm too much a wuss to get dreads. Soo cute