need need NEED THIS HAIR

braided hair wrap

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dreadlocks how these leave room for them to be cut off instead of shaved...

so groovy. i guess you just don't shampoo.....

Olivven-Öl-Kur mal anders: Öl erwärmen, ins Haar einmassieren, Haare fönen und dabei kämmen, damit alle Haare erreicht werden

Blonde dreadlocks

#bohemian #dreadlocks I like her dreads..i feel like i could pull them off sometimes as i have hair in the back that naturally dread themselves haha...

Frou. This shade apparently looks great on all skin types with all hair colors-must try!

color :)

Dreads I would never be brave enough to get them

I love dreads, when they suit to someone... like this girl here. I once had even an idea of forest green dreads... but no :D


so pretty - wish i could do this


girl dreads | Tumblr i love the shoulder tattoo!