Awwww!!! I just love, love, love everything about my senior dog!! Babe is 15 years young this month!!

I love my dogs

Whirley Monster

Puppies will always find a home. Be a humanitarian & consider adopting an adult or senior dog.

When doggies pray

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True about dogs

I will never forget about the dog I witnessed being abused by his horrible owner, as they were entering a car, as I sat at a red light. It happened within a matter of seconds, but its something I will never forget, and can only continue to pray for that sweet dog everyday :(

Always difficult to say goodbye to your best friend, we hope this card helps where it hurts.

Save a life - adopt or foster!

Older dogs are a blessing and a joy.

"Once You Have Had a Wonderful Dog, a Life Without One, Is a Life Diminished." ~Dean Koontz So, so, so true.

true that :)

Adopt, Please!

My dogs do this.....

"Dogs have so much to teach us." I don't care if this story is real or not. I was crying by the end of it because its meaning is so true.


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