FREE Coffee Grounds for Your Garden

Did you know used coffee grounds are a great way to enrich your garden soil? If you have a garden and would like to see how well coffee grounds help your garden grow, head to Starbucks. They offer 5lb bags of used grounds for free! You can get more details from their website HERE. I …
  • Janice Kelly

    Used coffee grounds...enrich your garden soil and keep unwanted critters from getting in your garden (helps keep away stray cats from using your garden as a litter box too) Also pesky sugar ants..spread around the property and in the kitchen window sill will keep them out of your home. I always toss mine on hydrangeas & azaleas, etc. But have a stray cat who has been wreaking havoc in another area of my yard-- will see if the coffee grounds repel him!

  • Brittany Miller

    My mom has been putting old coffe grounds outside for years! Keeps bugs, cats, and other crittters you do not want in your garden or yard out!!

  • Gloria Caldwell

    Used coffee grounds Dry them out body scrub made of coffee grounds, coconut oil and a little brown sugar. Use coffee grounds as mulch for acid-loving plant deter ant infestation repel snails and slugs, organic flea dip repel odors great mulch for your garden the moisture will stay in the soil and the weeds won't sprout. Coffee grounds add minerals, vitamins and nitrogen to the soil so that the vegetables are stockier car deodorizer-place in old nylon

  • Auntie Ana

    Auntie-Ana Blog: New tips and tricks for reducing the look of cellulite, spider veins, stretch marks etc!!

  • Alethea Crane

    DIY Coffee Cellulite Scrub: I feel energized already!

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