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Go to Sleep, Go to Sleep: Collection of Calming Activities for Kids

Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep little baby… Have more than one child? We do! Naptimes are a struggle as we have to manage the different ages and activity levels of our preschooler/elementary aged kiddos with the *need* for a naptime for our tots. This “struggle” has led me to collect our …
  • Stacey Costin

    Go to sleep kids activities. Quiet activities before bedtime or during younger sibling's naps.

  • Gwen Fodge

    Go to sleep kids activities 13 quiet time activities...

  • Keara Rucker Uhl

    Go to sleep kids activities - creative ideas of things for the kids to explore while they are "supposed" to be napping

  • Ruth Jansen

    Go to sleep kids activities - quiet independent calming activities. Nap time This site has lots of activities worth exploring - looks like 185 and counting!

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