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Nature quote

Country Road....take me home.....to the place I belong......❝❤❞

Nature quote

Yellow Leaf Road, Great Smoky Mountain National Park, North Carolina (by Tilman Paulin)

nature quote

peaceful country life, rustic charm, simplicity of life

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This is what I hope to wake up to each an every morning! Nothing like a dirt road lined with pastures. So calming...

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Aspen Road...Boulder Colorado - beautiful yellows, cool crisp air, love fall. If only the seasons went from spring, to summer, to fall, to spring again (I wouldn't miss the winter)

Nature quote

Land just like this, with a nice cozy house and a rescue / rehab / therapy horse ranch. With a cow pasture and godly morals. All I need.

Nature quote

I've been listening to country music all day long. Pretty homesick. Not enough trees in Philadelphia.

Nature quote

kevin gilgan » Explore the open road...

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Burgundy Street - Madrid, Spain,#Places to Visit in Europe

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Vermont - sweet times with Dick and Donna, Edye and Marti

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