Lori Conley via Talia Hay onto Dancers, Filmakers, Artists, writers and Musicians, Oh My! Lori Conley via Talia Hay onto Dancers, Filmakers, Artists, writers and Musicians, Oh My!

Structure of a Movement (www.pinterest.com/AnkAdesign/act)

Photographer Christopher Peddecord - Ballet, балет, Ballett, Bailarina, Ballerina, Балерина, Ballarina, Dancer, Dance, Danse, Danza, Танцуйте, Dancing

The picture shoe MOVEMENT because the picture is kind of blurred and the girl is dancing. The way the dress if flowing in the air moves eyes through out the piece.

www.theworlddances.com/ #modern #dance

BabaChic Blog: Nostalgia, Dance, & Music: Finding Moments Outside of Myself http://www.alexaeisner.com/blog/2015/4/29/5q770jgonw8xcvc202n22odsyjpo4c Ballet in motion. Photo: Kang Seon Jun


A physical expression of how a woman feels inside when she is empowered & inspired!


I like this human form piece as it expresses the many movements of an individual which i find dynamic.


I love the shapes. The flowing fabrics and the strong lines of the dancers' bodies are a beautiful contrast, and all together they contort themselves into these organic shapes that are both graceful and powerful. Just begging for a sculpture!


i really like how they translated the lines of the dancers body into such a simple but beautiful drawing

Barefoot Ballet

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Modern dance - barefoot ballet

http://ueberschriftennews.blogspot.com/2012/03/der-duft-ist-was-uns-bezaubert.html Twirl


Ballet a man who can do professional dancing is awesome but not needed.