diy strawberry planter

DIY Vertical Planter- great option for an herb garden if low on space! #diy #garden

tower-of-herbs: good Garden Club program

Strawberry Tower using 3 stacked terracotta pots

Stacked pots herb garden DIY, space saver.....what a great idea.

I like the wash tub idea, would be good especially if you have wash tubs &/or buckets in different sizes with the bottoms rusted out....

DIY Outdoor Planter Pot for $15!

Best way to grow cilantro is using a tower garden. #gardening #cilantro #herbs

Summer flower pot idea

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius – 28 Pics

Remember for Spring ~ Add 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt to a gallon of water and spray your lawn for a lusher, greener lawn. Epsom salt is loaded with magnesium!

Grow sweet organic strawberries anywhere with this guide to growing strawberries in containers.

Growing strawberries in a tower keeps them off the ground. Love this idea, have done something similar in the past and had so many more strawberries, insects didn't get to them. I want to try this tower. I thought I'd plant Strawberries from the upside down tomato planters this yeas to keep the sluggs out of them. But I think I'll order some of these climbing ones as well.

Paint stones like strawberries & place around your strawberry plants in the Spring. By the time they have ripe fruit, the birds will have been broken from the habit of eating them. :)@Beth J J J J Rubin Burke


Self made Miracle Grow. Put 1 Tbs. Epsom Salt, & 1 Tbs. Sugar into each hole with your plant. It makes them grow larger, leafier and greener. Or dissolve 1 Tbs. Epsom Salt into 1 Gallon of water and use it to water your plants, trees, fruit trees, roses, flowering plants, squash,and all other veggies. For plants you have planted in ground or pots sprinkle Epsom Salt on top of the dirt/potting soil and water well. See Link for other ideas.

Strawberry Tower of Pots

Vertical Herb Garden - Flower Pot Tower |