2014 #Nursery Trend: Move over owls, the fox may take over as the most popular nursery animal!

Sharon Montrose's Animal Print Shop. Tons of great pictures of animals to bring the beauty of nature inside. thank you honestlyWTF!

Baby Deer


"The face of the red fox shows plainly why he has been able to cope with man, and thrive despite and because of him. If ever a face showed cunning, it is his. Its pointed, slender nose gives it an expression of extreme cleverness." The Handbook of Nature Study


red fox

Baby Monkey No. 2 Print

Baby Fox Little Darling | Sharon Montrose | The Animal Print Shop | Baby Animal Photography Prints

baby deer

Fiona Watson. Deep Sleep | Flickr - --Shared to DESERT HEARTS Animal Compassion - Phoenix, Arizona --3/27/2014 https://www.facebook.com/desertheartsphoenix

Fox fox

theanimalprintshop.com -- Kristen Bell has these prints in her daughter Lincoln's nursery. I want some for my son's room too!

Red Fox Drinking

Baby Squirrel

Baby Raccoon No. 2 $25.00

Baby foxes

The Animal Print Shop via mrprintables blog

Baby Elephant

Baby Fox.

baby porcupine