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Valentine's Day Craft

this year i was determined to decorate for Valentine’s Day. it seems for me, this holiday comes and goes much too quickly and i don’t give it any thought. i get the kiddies Valentine’s out and that’s about it. but i really LOVE Valentine’s Day, especially the decor….it’s PINK! and i don’t get to dec...
  • Samantha

    Valentine's Day Centerpiece | Easy Kids Craft

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use vintage photos on a stick combined with cherished memories and milestones as a centerpiece - possibly use a canning jar as the "bottle"

I can't believe how easy this is!

Easy Valentines Day Card. And fun for kids too! how old can your children be and still so handprints. Precious for Caroline to make her Daddy next V-day :)

Use Valentine's themed sprinkles or candy to create fun and festive candle holders on the CHEAP!

Valentine tree centerpiece I'm thinking of using conversation hearts in the bottom of the jar instead of the white stuff in the picture.

Valentine's Day DIY Centerpieces

Valentine’s Day Candle Centerpiece - Oh Happy Day!

So cute! I enjoy the graphics on old valentines. My dear 5th grade teacher kept the valentines that I gave her when I was a child. After her passing, her granddaughter gave them back to me- one of the best gifts I have ever received!! Amanda, thank you for giving them back to me. They are 45 years old!!

I would like to start collecting Bama ornaments for a tree like this one!!