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    Share: Labor positions to keep you moving. From Lamaze.

    40 Weeks Of A Fit Pregnancy

    Belly Bandit® Post Pregnancy Band helps shrink and tighten abdomen and uterus post pregnancy.

    10 Tips For Surviving a Summer Pregnancy (For Future Reference)

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    10 Tips to Help You Prepare for Childbirth and Labor | Fit Pregnancy

    The Best Part of Being Pregnant is...? You don't have to suck in your gut. - Pregnancy Humor - Pregnancy Humor

    What you can and canno't do and eat while pregnant. This is a MUST READ for expecting mothers. Some of these are really surprising!

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    List of Pregnancy Freebies

    never be pregnant without one BLANQIgirls- whenever I decide to have kids, I will be grateful I pinned this!

    Don't be afraid to mix patterns to create a fabulous look for your bump!

    Week by week checklist of what to get done while you're pregnant.

    Do these stretches for pregnancy exercise in the third trimester to alleviate the discomforts of pregnancy, prep for labor, and help you sleep better.

    This girl just had a baby and she STILL looks good! Her entire blog and pregnancy pictures are proof that you don't have to let yourself go during pregnancy. This will come in handy!

    Top 9 Labor Positions "Relaxation is the #1 required item for us to allow our bodies to open up and allow the baby to descend. Gravity is a close #2 requirement to help the process along. Relaxation and gravity working together is a perfect combination for labor to progress. When we tense up our bodies go into a ‘flight or flight’ mentality and labor/progress can slow down, if not stop all together. So it is imperative that we keep a healthy and calm mindset while laboring."

    For all my friends having babies... Seems like everything need to prep! 23 Incredibly Helpful Diagrams For Moms-To-Be


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