Cool, Practical Childproofing Gear That Actually Works! #babygear #childproofing

How could I make this where it's actually cute? Coffee Table Childproofing Covers

Aqueduck Faucet Extender - so cute and practical

No one thinks about registrering for baby proofing gear, but it is a must-have! Rhoost's modern baby-proofing gear doesn't require screws, tools, or adhesives.

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Never have to fumble in the back for a dropped sippy cup again! Genius! I have a feeling I'll be making one of these in the future.

Ferocious Felt Lion Coat.

One seriously macho --and practical-- baby carrier! #babywearing #babywearingdads

And old chest of drawers refurbished to make a quirky yet stylish yellow changing station for a nursery. Quite a statement piece against the grey walls. And Joyce's "TWO CENT'S WORTH IS"-- Yellow and grey seem to be real popular, but studies have concluded that the best colors for a nursery are red, black and white--not pastels.

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If I let my husband have his way this is what the nursery would look like, boy or girl.

I'm going to write this up and hand it out to new parents in my practice. It'll save my sanity and breath. Great guide for parents!

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