Kids Art Table DIY

Looks like a fun painting project for Spring.

fun little project

diy wall desk for kids - for when the kids outgrow the dress up clothes and playhouse area will put in a "homework" station with 2 or more desks

An old side table repurposed into a fun Lego Table

Chalkboard paint + an old coffee table=kids craft table. Cute!

Kids Crafts For Grandparents

Old coffee table plus bright colored paint plus chalkboard paint= cute chalkboard table for a kids' room! :)

Under table hammock! Kids would love this!

adorably cute!!! DIY Art Desk For Kids Made From Cupboard Doors... great site with tons of DIY...

Rainy Day Kid Craft - create a rug using hoopla Hoop, old bed sheet or old shirts, Old t-shirts torn into strips.

I've seen these all over Pinterest, but this is the first one that actually has the tutorial. Tent made with hula hoop and flat sheets...fantastic for kids room

Zoom Your Day Away with this Clothes Pin Airplane Magnet Toddler Craft

pick up an old coffee table and paint with chalkboard paint.

Homemade Fun: 21 Kids Crafts and Activities You Can Make Yourself

° for "extra" jobs.. Chore System for Kids! Visual impact with $ incentives!..although in the time it would take to print that cute tag, I could clean the refrigerator...

Great ideas on how to make your little ones a cleaning kit and get them involved with the chores early on. If you start them young and convince them cleaning is fun, it will pay huge dividends in the future!

Sink extender for kids. Cut an ‘X’ in the bottom of a plastic bottle (keeps the bottle from moving around) Next, cut the top off and along the side as shown. I would be sure to take some fine grain sandpaper to make sure the edges are not sharp for those curious little fingers.

Fun craft for kids.....Neon Summer Sunglasses

Love! cute!