We've partnered with @Jessica Shyba to make over her children's rooms. Don't worry, we won't separate #TheoandBeau! {Click to see the before pics}

Too sweet!

Sweet little eyes


Kids and their dogs. So lovely

miniature goldendoodle.....I want one!!

Theo & Beau

When babies and puppies cuddle. These two are the cutest little nuggets I've ever seen! They nap together every day.

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Whatever is down there, this guy is going to find it!

Cutest thing I've ever seen!

Beau and Theo are at it again 2 months later...so funny toddler-naps-with-puppy-theo-and-beau-2-9

This Puppy And Baby Are The Most Adorable Nap Time Pals (via BuzzFeed)

golden retriever/husky mix.

sleepy puppy

wait, what?!?!?! You are the cutest thing i've ever seen!

Mother of 3 children and mistress of two dogs, American Jessica Shyba advantage of these free time to photograph children in communion with their favorite animals. Snapshots filled with tenderness, so a small selection is to discover in the suite and completed daily on Instagram.

This is what best friends do, they take care of each other. dog, dogs, cat, cats, kitty, kitten, puppy, love, cute, pet.


Look at that cute puppy bottom!