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    If you are expecting your first baby, don't forget some must needed mommy items on your pre-baby shopping list so you can take care of your postpartum body!

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    Postpartum Rest and Recovery Tips. Great tips for those Type A chicks!

    "Bellefit was especially great for pain management and support during recovery from my second c-section. I felt instant relief after putting it on in the early postpartum days. As I healed, the corset continued to provide my stomach with support as I became more active, as well as helped to close my diastasis recti, and aided in shrinking my postpartum stomach back into its pre-pregnancy shape.  Now, at 7 weeks postpartum, I am back at my pre-pregnancy size and I still use my corset ...

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    Wrapping Your Postpartum Belly After Pregnancy.. I did this with both of my previous pregnancies and swear by it! I will wrap again after this baby is born.

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    I love this girl's maternity blog. She has tons of style ideas, as well as tips to get through the long 9 months!

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    There are specific things you can do to help prevent the potential negative effects and help your body to recover more completely and quickly from pregnancy and childbirth.

    Great, down-to-earth advice on having a baby - from a mom that had three epidurals. Seriously - great tips here!

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    Step-by-step traditional belly-binding for helping abdominal muscles heal back together postpartum!

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    Casual maternity beachwear. I'm gonna be a whale on the beach in May... Maybe this will help!

    Earth Mama Angel Baby's natural postpartum recovery products are especially for those days (weeks, months) after childbirth when your body and mind need a lot of extra TLC. It's natural to feel out-of-sorts, and physically drained after labor — you've done the most amazing thing!

    13 Tips for a More Meaningful Maternity Leave for working moms. Spend your energy in the right place and never feel guilty about putting off a chore to rock your baby and snuggle her close. Tips tricks newborn care