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Treat an expecting mom to this amazing find, Mustela's Specific Support lotion! It prevents skin slackening/loss of elasticity, relieves skin tension and soothes tight, swollen breasts. #MomToBe

Smartest Idea EVER! Never have to pull over to find a thrown bottle again!

Calm a baby by using their foot.. a foot chart with oils and lotion would be a great gift for any 1st time mommies and daddies..

This is a really good blog for first time moms!! She pretty much hits on everything (even the parts nobody tells you, but you really should know! Read the postpartum section!!!) pin now read later. Ill be glad I pinned this one day

I Love You More Than Carrots: Newborn Necessities

5 things a new dad should do once Mom and baby come home from the hospital

Preggers T-shirt for expecting moms - got a baby bump? We think this tee is an adorable way to announce your pregnancy! #PNshop

10 scriptures for childbirth. Before I had my precious sons, I saturated my mind and spirit with the Word and giving birth was the most amazing experience. Many of these were in my index card scripture box.

A helpful infographic guide for moms about your baby's weekly evolution alongside the changes taking place in your body during pregnancy

This is crazy but every mom is thinking.... GENIUS!!

Fruity ice treats - DIY baby food/teething aids!

Printable list for breastfeeding moms!

10 Best Apps for a New Mom

I thought this would be an obnoxious article but it's actually awesome. - Daily Mom » How to Raise a Gentleman

Lactation Energy Bites! Great for breastfeeding moms! 6 ingredients, 5 minutes, so simple!

What causes these five pregnancy discomforts? Here's how to find relief for even the worst pregnancy pains.

The BEST article on how to pump for your baby written by a gal who pumped exclusively for her baby for 14 months!! This was really helpful and funny to read. I like how at the end she doesn't try to exalt herself over women who don't breast feed. Sometimes women who breast feed get very pretentious about it... As though it makes them a better mother then those who don't.

Great exercises for all expecting mothers to follow.