Organization idea: use a bookcase and rods to hang baby or kids clothes in the absence of a closet! #storage #organization #kidsroom #nursery

Bookcase redo... SO SMART!!! --- for a room with no or limited closet space---Josh's work gear

Great idea for the next baby if we don't have the extra bedroom built

20 Creative Furniture Hacks :: Repurpose that old crib and easily turn it into a toddler bed!

Cape 27 - Pom pom trim for girls' closet curtain...

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Remove closet doors, put up curtains, build new shelves and drawers inside. Easier access and quieter

DIY Co-sleeper made from a $69.99 IKEA crib! Smart!

Dress up station Or it would be a good closet for baby stuff since my spare bedroom has no closet

baby closet

This is one of those things no one told me about before kids... A too small basket is a must when they are outgrowing everything every 3 months! Avoid the pile on the floor

Refinished bookcase w/ fabric on the back. Love it.--I am doing this to my bookcase :) and putting it in the kids room

Hmmm, maybe we could do this with Andrew's clothes since there is no closet in that room...

Love this monogram and antique frame-@Erica Cerulo Cerulo Cerulo Cerulo Cerulo Heline for your photography and/or baby girl #4's room??!!

door storage... pantry; check for formula and food over flow, master bath toilet room; check for extra tp, q tips, tissue etc.

How cute is this baby room?

I think this is so cute. Wonderful idea. a baby bed, smart ideas

Both boy's rooms could use something similar to this. Would be simple by using a couple 4x8 MDF sheets ripped to 15.5" x 8' strips.

Doing this for baby girl...if I can find a curtain rod long enough to support her name! :)