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  • Frances Morton

    Green Bean Chips from Frugal Living Mom (Salt and Vinegar) Ingredients: 1 lb frozen green beans (mine were whole, but cut will work) ¼ tsp salt 1 tsp apple cider vinegar

  • Kimberly Hitchcock

    Food Dehydrator Recipe: Green Bean Chips

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Zucchini Chips 4 Ways - The Copper Collective-tried salt and vinegar, and parm. Did not use bread crumbs. Must have sliced too thin because 30 mins was way too long. Keep an eye on them. Great for a chip craving!

Great reason to pull out the dehydrator! Quick and easy Crispy Cucumber Chips - they only took about 10 minutes to prep, and they probably stay fresh for a few days but we ate them too fast to find out about their shelf life! :)

baked radish chips @sweetcsdesigns....mine never got crisp even though I cooked them for 30 minutes. But they were delicious. Who knew I'd love roasted radishes? I might try this on a stoneware pan.

Yep... I am definitely on a "chip" kick.... First apples, then sweet potato, zucchini and pear, now rutabaga & parsnip.... might as well try these next!!

Buy plantain & slice. Lightly fry in olive oil or coconut oil. Add a little salt if you want. Tastes like fries.

I made these and they were delicious! almost taste like pumkin seeds. dehydrated Zucchini chips.

Kiwi Chips using a food dehydrator makethebestofever... | I apparently don't have one but maybe one day.

No Bean Paleo Hummus ~ now this recipe looks like it could actually work! Made with cashews, not cauliflower or zucchini - could make all the difference. Of course, adding a little veg might not hurt.

Zucchini Chips.. A much healthier alternative to traditional potato chips!