Big Brother gift idea: give them a personalized "Big Brother Super-hero" book and medal from @I See Me! Personalized Children's Books to make them feel extra special! #bigbrother #giftidea #sibling

Petunia Pickle Bottom 'City Carryall' Diaper Bag - pretty nifty! bag doesnt look big enough for what I want...

big brother gift...something for Mr. Ryden to open at the hospital!

The Super, Incredible Big Brother. CRYING my eyes out. Must read the virtual tour. Precious gift for big brother when little sister gets here.

Best Big-Brother & Big-Sister Gifts #missm (including a photobook for Miss M about the day SHE was born)

Little gift for older sibling when baby arrives--I like the idea of giving big brother or sister a camera to take pictures!

Mamas Like Me chimes in with a few things that you can do to get your older children ready for their new sibling. One idea is to make a Big Sibling our 'The Super Incredible Big Brother/Sister book!' OR try adding a personalized placemat or coloring book to a big sister/brother kit. Great ideas! Thanks, Mamas Like Me!

big brother gifts for when baby arrives

While He Was Napping: Big Brother Kits {From the Baby}

Big Brother or Big Sister Bodyguard For My New Baby Sister Sibling Family Saying Custom Embroidered Shirt or Bodysuit - Update as Needed by PersonallyGraced, $22.00

CUTE gift idea for a new big brother or big sister

Great ideas!!! It's a list of 5 meaningful gift ideas for the new big brother or sister!!! Cute ideas of what to give them when their new baby sister/brother is born!!! LOVE <3

"Big Brother" Love these books to read w/ your lil ones BEFORE you give birth to the newest addition!

Big Sister bracelet like mommy and daddy will have :) omg no way!! How cute is that?!? Only big brother instead!

Mommy Ate All The Cookies: Big Brother-to-Be Kit

Our pregnancy announcement for Baby #2 Photo by Annie Helen. Book from the Canby Library. :) sibling pregnancy announcement - big brother

Sweet gift ideas for a big brother or sister at the hospital from the new baby!

Big Brother Kit: Gifts for a New Big Sibling When Baby Arrives (All Made in the USA products)

Gifts for Big Brothers and Sisters- label each one for the days you are away at the hospital! LOVE THIS!

Cite ideas here but I love the idea of a board book with pictures of the kids & those who love them. Maybe 1 book after each PCS so they still feel connected to the people who loved them when we were stationed there. #militarylife #militarykids

Perfect big brother gift when we have another baby. That way Andrew can take pictures of his new baby brother/sister.