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  • Sarah Hughes

    To Strep B or Not Strep B, That is the Question. A great article by the Healthy Home Economist

  • Rion Jordan

    Ulitimate Guide Taking Care of New Parents: Gift Ideas, Mom Time, Real Topics (PPD, LOSS, MULTIPLES and more)

  • Teresa Oleinik

    I like to know both sides of the story, and make informed decisions. I could've used this a few weeks ago. Thankfully, I went with a natural treatment to get rid of this and my second test came back negative. ...The Strep B test during pregnancy is totally optional and could put you under pressure to get IV antibiotics during labor! Why not just skip the test completely? Here are the reasons for just saying NO to the Strep B test.

  • Chelsea Hill

    Modern Mormon Men: Guest Post: Advice for Parents of Newborn Babies

  • Cindy Sabo

    Article about the Group B Strep test during pregnancy and the IV fluids given during labor if you test positive. Study quoted shows no improvement in outcomes with the administration of antibiotics.

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