How to make a bouncy ball! Kid's favorite!

Make your own Super Bouncy Ball

This recipe went totally viral a while ago and it's no wonder - it's smells wonderful and so silky smooth - my kids' absolute favorite!

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DIY Sidewalk Chalk - So easy and only 3 ingredients!

diy bracelet for kids

Make your own bouncy balls.. this could be a fun science experiment..

Need a fun activity that the whole family will enjoy? Make some giant gak bubbles with this easy method- guaranteed to produce lots of giggles and grins!

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DIY Pool Noodle Pom Pom Shooter - way better than a marshmallow shooter (no stickiness or kids eating the ammo)

Bouncing bubbles...bubbles that dont pop! Just like the Gymboree ones! Yay Ive been looking for this recipe Great Bubble DIY for Kids Make Bubbles that Will Bounce

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balloon ping pong! The kids really liked playing this. Great for rainy day inside play.

Easy to make MAGIC Treasure Rocks- getting the treasures out is all the fun! {Hide these around the yard or even inside and kids will have a blast hunting for them}

looks like fun

The 36th AVENUE | How to Make a Bouncy Ball

How to make incredible scented slime the kiddos will love. Fun kids crafts to plan for the summer!