How To Make A Pinwheel: Step by step instructions for making pinwheels in any color, plus a free printable template and cut file!

Instructions on how to make a pin wheel.

I want to make some pin wheels. This looks like a good tutorial.

DIY Pinwheel: The paper pinwheel is a classic summer craft. If you haven't tried making it yet, you'll find our tutorial and templates quite useful.

Printable Patriotic Paper Pinwheels - made these with bottle caps and six pack cardboard. ~ CD

Easy tutorial on how to make the perfect paper garland!

Paper Pinwheels

DIY Pinwheel for Kids number one was asking me about making these the other day!

How to make a rainbow pinwheel

How to make a pinwheel- perfect for the preschool kids during the week of wind :)

How to make a whirlygig - with printable template

Hawaiian Leis Craft For A Luau Party - DIY using card stock, flower punch and cut drinking straws.

Glitter Pinwheel

step by step napkin boat

How to make a whirlygig - with printable template

Maquettes d'avions à tester. Le corps est fait avec un rouleau de papier toilette. Ajouter une attache parisienne et 5 petites pièces découpées dans du carton.

Lego Gift Boxes (With Free Templates)

Free printable fruity "cootie-catcher", aka fortune teller, aka chatterbox! Get more free printables at

{Craft} How to make pinwheels | That Cute Little Cake