Brilliant playroom ideas Fun at Home with Kids

Coolest play room ever! // Fun at Home with Kids

Great playroom wall idea--maybe with colored chalkboard paint


Indoor jungle gym for playroom

Chores & backpacks - great idea! Also cute to pin report cards and other achievements, artwork etc.

Reading nook for kids' rooms.

Sunken trampoline how-to. Way cool. // Bath Toy Organization. A simple inexpensive way to corral all the toy clutter. Before/After. #organization

Oil drip pan for $9. What a creative idea! Magnetic numbers here I come! I am doing this!

How to make two different kinds of DIY Sensory Boards for babies/toddlers FUN AT HOME WITH KIDS

I found this offered as something for the home, but I like it for libraries! It's the George & Willy wall-mounted craft paper dispenser!

HOW FUN!!! ~ Play stage. Add some toy microphones, dress up clothes, and accessories, and its' a party!

Playroom Tour - With Lots of DIY Ideas #playroom #kids #toddlers

Fun! Haba swing

Can see hours of fun and creative play here for boys as well as girls if the colors are changed

Our 10 Best and Favorite Gift Ideas for Kids from Fun at Home with Kids

Fun loft idea

such a fun kids bed and room!

fun toddlers/boys/girls room- I love all the nooks #littlenest #pinparty

Under bed lazy susan toy storage.....oh my! This is genius!