How to make pool noodle hurdles for kids - these make a great addition to a backyard obstacle course for kids.

pool noodle crafts | This is the perfect boy craft because they take about 5 minutes to ...

Pool Noodle Backyard Obstacle Course- the kids loved this!

A backyard obstacle course for kids to get moving!

Make the most of the lazy days of summer with this pool noodle obstacle course! It is perfect for a kid’s play date, party or a family time in the yard... and you can make up your own obstacles along the way! #CampPBSParents

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fun rainbow run through arch made from pool noodles!! (planning to add more to make it longer)

DIY: Pool Noodle Race Track

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Make your own kick ball obstacle course with pool noodles

water obstacle course activity

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POOL NOODLE AGILITY TIRE JUMP: Duct-tape six rings to one another, then tape them to thicker (3 1/2-inch-wide) hollow pool noodle posts.

POOL NOODLE: Giant Ring Toss. ( 6 or more 3/4″ wooden dowels.  We used 4 ft long but you could use shorter depending on how tall you want your game to be 6 or more pool noodles (Make sure the diameter of the noodle hole is the same diameter of the dowels that you buy.  Some of our noodles had a 1″ diameter and those won’t work for making the rings unless you buy 1″ dowels))

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backyard obstacle course for kids -

DIY Ball/Foam Pit for kids. Small plastic pool plus cut up pool noodles!

Now I know what to do with my old pool noodles