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    Wake up Clocks for Toddlers - which tells your little one it's OK to get up... or not yet!

    Sleep training clocks for toddlers - get your child to bed at night and teach them when it's okay to wake up and get out of bed.

    This light lets your little one know when its ok to wake up, and when they should be in bed! Supposed to be quite helpful in keeping the little ones in bed in the early hours of the morning, and getting them into bed when they want to stay up late! If the moon is up its time for bed, if the sun is up its ok to be out of bed. You can set the timer on the back!

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    "Stay in bed until you see the sun." Gro Clock shows stars when child should be sleeping and switches to a sun when it's okay to get up. Parents set the time they want the sun to show....I wonder if this would actually work.

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    An awake toddler in the middle of the night is no joke, friends! Practical tips to sort through toddler night waking using thoughtful, purposeful parenting!


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