Wake up Clocks for Toddlers - which tells your little one it's OK to get up... or not yet!

This light lets your little one know when its ok to wake up, and when they should be in bed! Supposed to be quite helpful in keeping the little ones in bed in the early hours of the morning, and getting them into bed when they want to stay up late! If the moon is up its time for bed, if the sun is up its ok to be out of bed. You can set the timer on the back!

Sleep training clocks for toddlers - get your child to bed at night and teach them when it's okay to wake up and get out of bed.

Life changing! Use this toddler clock to teach your child when to stay in bed and when to get up. Really helps with confusion during night wakings.

Inflatable toddler travel bed

Keep those little people busy with these fun activities. Via Toddler Approved!: Simple Independent Play Activities for Toddlers

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"Stay in bed until you see the sun." Gro Clock shows stars when child should be sleeping and switches to a sun when it's okay to get up. Parents set the time they want the sun to show....I wonder if this would actually work.

Activities for 18 to 24 Months toddlers, a great collection of home made activities and other suggestions.

Busy Board for the little one.

DIY tugging box for young toddlers - Laughing Kids Learn

Gotta get this for the kids. Special kid friendly alarm clock - time changes to a green color when it's ok for the kid to get up and wake you. Otherwise it's red. Amazing for keeping your kids from getting up before 6AM! Plus it's a nightnight.

Goodbye Diapers! How to Potty Train Your Toddler In 3 Days (Even If He Is Extremely Spirited and Stubborn) #truestory

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Toddler Apps

diy super easy toddlers helper tower, step stool for kitchen, just 5 wooden pieces (1 underneath), some paint and one toddler

101 Toddler Activities

These sleep hacks are amazing! I love the idea of having a few easy things I can go to if I need help getting my little ones to sleep well. These are not sleep training programs or long, thought out processes – these are quick and to the point. They are small adjustments you can …

amazing ways to keep little ones busy

Learning Toys For 1 Year Olds

Ball Pit - i think this would be fun for a first birthday party. get one of the bigger blow up pools when summer is close to ending so it is super cheap and fill the bottom with balls. the bigger pool will keep you from having as much come out all over the place and let more kids play. great for parties where there will be a lot of toddlers in attendance and you dont really get to plan 'games'. :D