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Hey Mom, Tired of cutting up grapes? We think this @OxoTot Grape Cutter is such a time saver! #babygear #toddler #toddlerfood


For anyone who has tried to give a toddler an adult size popsicle... :)

Refresh-a-Baby Refresh-a-Baby is a baby bottle nipple that adapts onto water bottles, instantly converting the water bottle into a baby bottle without the hassle of clean up time saving parents time and energy on-the-go! $6.99

Adorable knee pads for toddlers ( I know a couple of kids who really need these)

Colorful toddler lunch buffet: Fill ice cube tray with healthy finger foods (blueberries, corn, cheddar bunnies, strawberries, raisins, raspberries, pretzels, grapes, peas, cubed cheese, etc.) and let toddlers choose what they like.

ikea hack: Matilda’s activity tower

FunBites-Shaped Food Cutter

Baby bath water thermometer

Very true....

95 degrees in your car? With this powerfully cooling sun shade, you can keep your child's car seat around a comfortable 69 deg F! That's right: in performance tests, the heat-deflecting cover lowered temperatures by an average of 26 deg . With elasticized edge for easy on/off. Folds flat and loops closed for compact storage. $7.42 on Amazon.

It's about time someone thought of this! I'm so tired of buying cups that only work with one top, and once that's chewed up they're useless. SipSnap silicone lids turn any cups or glasses you have into sippie cups or straw cups.

Toddler Fruit Smoothies, made a lot of these for a picky eater- call them milk shakes and they suck them down !

Simple, nutritious recipes for finger foods for babies and toddlers

foam door/ closet hangers. Write the baby size ABOVE the rod hole, Or baby sleeping sign for front door knob ... Do Not Disturb

Applesauce frozen toddler treats. Helps with teething for baby

Pacifier Thermometer-Genius

meal and snack ideas for the pre-toddler (10-18 months old) these are great for bigger kids tooo

Shopping cart hammock. Want! So much better then the idea of lugging in the car seat and a toddler… Or lugging out groceries, toddler, and car seat. :(

Baby Led Weaning - wish I would have done this...

Breastfeeding, diaper change, medicine, and sleep timers. Shows how much time has passed for each one. Also shows which breast you used and has a flashlight for maneuvering without waking baby.