Bed rest is hard enough! Can't believe the insensitive things people will say! Read it and be prepared! 10 Things to Never Say to Someone on Bed Rest - Toulouse & Tonic

Even though I'm pregnant with our third I still have to sit and think about months vs weeks.And let's face it, unless someone is in the medical field/has been pregnant they look at you like a crazy woman when you answer in "weeks" haha.

Body Changes During Pregnancy Infographic - This infographic covers all of the changes that take place throughout the body during pregnancy.

7 Natural Remedies for Pregnancy Heartburn. Thank God, wish I could try all of these right this instant!

10 Precious Baby Boy Nursery Ideas -

Things to teach my boys

Blanqi 'High Performance' Maternity Belly Lift & Support Leggings available at #Nordstrom #blanqi

For my Pregnant friends. Pregnancy stages. Lol good luck

25 Things New Dads Need to Know about Birth

Must Pin if you're pregnant - honestly one of the best things I ever used after giving birth. Postpartum Padsicles! Simple how-to to make these inexpensive and AMAZINGLY comforting pads for after birth and pregnancy.

12 things every woman should do in the weeks leading up to giving birth. #pregnancy #thirdtrimester

Just the facts. (Because of course there are times you can and should, but either way, it never hurts to learn more about the way things affect our bodies!)

Pregnant girl problems! If it isn't one thing, it's another! A little funny picquote about nausea, pregnancy and maternity life from BabyBump - the app for pregnancy -

Pregnancy week by week with pictures of the babys progress and lots of information

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First Trimester Fetal development information How your baby is developing growing inside you in months one two three month 1, 2 or 3

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10 Tips For Surviving a Summer Pregnancy. Have been waiting 20 weeks for this!!!

Every pregnant girl needs this shirt...

I'm totally trying these before my next pregnancy

That might be the sweetest thing I've ever seen!