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from Club 31 Women

9 Things I'd Say My Mom Got Right

f you've ever felt like you've messed up as a mom, you're going to be so encouraged by these 9 things! With a few surprises (#6 and #7 for instance! Who would have thought??)....9 Things I'd Say My Mom Got Right ~ Club31Women

from Club 31 Women

The Best Way for A Mom to Show Love to Her Son

from Club 31 Women

The Most Loving Thing A Mom Can Do

Poster said: Sometimes we can want our kids to become Christians so much that we hijack the process forgetting that spiritual growth is done in GOD's timing. This post has some great ideas on some great things we can do without hijacking the process.

from Moms Without Answers

5 Things Moms Are Not Allowed To Say

There are just some things if you say as a mom about your children you will most definitely get the "LOOK". Here are five things all moms want to say but can't!

What are some of those tiny things that annoy a mom in a big way? Here's an honest - if somewhat entertaining - list written by a daughter who really knows! (Feel free to laugh, to groan, and to add your own!) 23 Tiny Things That Really Annoy My Mom - Club31Women

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my dream would be to get this to 1 million notes by the 1 year... (m.k.)