Seans mom should start making wedding tree genealogy charts for peoples weddings

Wedding Tree Genealogy Chart - three colors for friends/family of bride, f/f groom, connected to both (like friends from work)

Genealogy Chart. That's a cool genealogy chart. Much easier to understand than a tree. I like it!

Genealogy Chart omg this is the exact chart i have been drawing and giving to pple since 1989

Organizing genealogy - best organization ideas i have found yet!

muahrilou: Family History Binder - some good ideas for keeping records & research notes organized

my cousins awesome family tree

Family Tree - 7 Generation Sunburst shows names by ModernTrees . reminds me of a tree's rings

If I’d Only Known! Beginner Genealogy Mistakes | - most helpful explanation of how to actually do geneology i've ever seen!

Discover your family history. Explore the world’s largest collection of free family trees, genealogy records and resources.

Have you downloaded your Free Family Templates yet?

Free Genealogy Forms & Resources

State Genealogy Website Map ~ This is a great place to see where you can locate records for each state. And you can check by county or by the type of record.

Research Record Sources Which US state are you researching? Did you know that every state in the US has a website that shows the numerous records that are available for that state.

12 Golden Rules of Genealogy

Understand your Family history and few important thinks about how to use family history to build your visual family tree.