Space saving, practical, productive, and pretty all at the same time!

container herb garden

Basil in teacups.

Recycled cans and little bit paint, so colorful

Great ideas for planting herb gardens in a small place

Hanging Fresh Herbs in Mason Jars. Cute idea!

The Flower Chain | Daily Living Brief

Glass jars can't be recycled in a lot of places so instead of throwing them away, repurpose them into lanterns or vases.

Upcycled Herb Garden is made out of soup cans! (from Upcycled Stuff)

Handcrafted Wood Vertical and Hanging Planter Frames | Urban Gardens | Unlimited Thinking For Limited Spaces | Urban Gardens

Cinder blocks to make garden for tiny space.

vertical herb garden from salvaged wood and mason jars, Cool DIY Indoor Herb Garden Ideas,,

Cute idea for herb garden.

Kitchen herb garden in mason jars


Mason Jar Ideas

How To Make A Hanging Gutter Garden

so cute :)