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Math foldables for geometry

Math Journal Sundays

square based pyramid surface area math journal entry @ Runde's Room Glue nets in so they can fold and see the shape as they work.

A site that has EVERY 3D shape imaginable as a PDF so your kids can print, cut, fold and glue! Even lists the number of faces, edges, and vertices - @Cathy Yenca may like these

Hands on! A site that has EVERY shape imaginable as a PDF-just print, cut, fold and glue! Even lists the number of faces, edges, and vertices. Great resource for making geometry concepts accessible.

This foldable is awesome! I could see myself using this to teach students about the x and y graphing system so that they'd have something easy to refer back to.

Coordinate Pairs Four Quadrant Flippable- Ready to introduce your students to all four quadrants of a graph? Interactive Flippable with practice components to identify axis, origin and a point in each of the 4 quadrants.

Teaching volume with marshmallows. Kids will love this activity!

Hands On Geometry - Part II

Corkboard Connections: Hands On Geometry - Part II. tell students to create rectangular prism with given marshmallows (volume) and identify length/width/height to come up with formula

Ms. Smith's Interactive Notebook - doing this especially for the factoring/multiples concepts. I always get that mixed up.  Love that she uses visuals with the letters to help in remembering.

Interactive Math Notebook-Factors and Multiples. Really like some of these journal pages.maybe I should be doing math journals!