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  • Priscilla Figueroa

    BOOST METABOLISM Naturally with this ZERO CALORIE Detox Drink: Day Spa Apple Cinnamon Water 0 Calories. Put down the diet sodas & crystal light & try this out for a week. Drop weight & have TONS ON ENERGY!

  • Clare Milloy

    Might have to try this. BOOST Your METABOLISM Naturally with this ZERO CALORIE Detox Drink: Day Spa Apple Cinnamon Water 0 Calories. Put down the diet sodas and crystal light and try this out for a week. You will drop weight and have TONS ON ENERGY! - Don't know about metabolism boosting, but it sounds like a delightful drink!

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METABOLISM BOOSTING Day Spa Mango Ginger Water ZERO CALORIES! Did you know Ginger and Mango both boost your metabolism? Along with boosting your metabolism ginger also is a natural pain reliever, from migraines to menstrual cramps ginger heals a lot of pain. It also helps reduce morning or motion sickness and banishes heart burn! Mangos not only boost metabolism, they also aid in digestion, boost your memory and increases your sex drive! FREE RECIPE------> TONETIKI.COM

Need a metabolism boost?! Help your body help itself by speeding up the digestion process and only keeping what you actually need in your body!

I eat most of these daily...wish it seemed to be making a big difference.

Naturally BOOST YOUR METABOLISM with this delicious detox style drink. Lose up to 50 LBS IN 3 MONTHS! #LoseWeightByEating

Boost metabolism a yummy way. Thinly slice 2 fugie apples, layer at the bottom of a pitcher. Add 1 or 2 cinnamon sticks. Cover with ice, then fill the rest with water. Let sit for 10 minutes then enjoy. Refill the pitcher 3 or 4 times before replacing the fruit. Don't forget to save a couple of apple slices for your water bottle.

When you think of weight loss you probably envision having to overhaul your entire diet, but that's not always necessary. Instead, take a look here!

Lose LBS by CHRISTMAS with this ZERO CALORIE Detox Drink! Ditch the Diet Sodas and the Crystal Light, try this METABOLISM BOOSTING APPLE CINNAMON WATER and drop up to 10 lbs PER WEEK! Best part...... you get to eat!

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Learn to make your food work for you and you will LOSE WEIGHT FAST! Get FREE Metabolism Boosting Recipes at ONE WOMAN LOST 12 LBS THIS WEEK, ANOTHER 51 LBS in 3 MONTHS and ANOTHER woman LOST 40 LBS IN 3 MONTHS! Learn how to LOSE WEIGHT BY EATING! Check out the facebook page if you don't believe the weight loss numbers above:

Makes one big pitcher, re-fill water 3-4 times before replacing apples and cinnamon- 1 Apple thinly sliced, I like Fugi but pick your favorite 1 Cinnamon Stick Drop apple slices in the bottom of the pitcher (save a few to drop in your glass later) and then the cinnamon stick, cover with ice about 1/2 way through then with water. Place in the fridge for 10 minutes before serving.