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"Stratoblue" antenne fotograf Katsuya Noguchi Blog | Lake Ashi and Mount Fuji Billede af Tokyo Enhancer]

Sea of clouds, Kumano Mitsukoshi pass, Tanabe, Wakayama, Japan #Beautiful #Places #Photography

"white & red" -- [Photograph by rosyamei (Akemi Kagaya) - February 4 2012 - Akita Prefecture, Japan]'h4d'121115

Draped for privacy in the traveling clothes of a 12th-century noblewoman, a geisha walks in Kyoto’s annual Festival of the Ages.” photo by Jodi Cobb, National Geographic, October 1995

Sakabayashi, or sugitama / 杉玉, used to inform everyone that new sake has been made. A sugitama is made from fresh pine leaves, and as the sugitama dries and changes color, it lets people know how much the sake has been matured.

Sugidama and Sake barrells - Sugidama balls indicates that Sake is made , sold or served in here.