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This is The Most Awesome and Hilarious Car Decal of All Time [Pic]


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Community Post: You Wish Your Bar Mitzvah Was This Fabulous

Love this show!


Sorry about that…

Me: Wow! Big Truck!" Him: "Thanks (with a big smile on his face)" While I raise both eyebrows, cock my head to one side with a big smile of my own and say "Over compensating?" Him: didn't say a word smiled at first then it sunk in and was written all over his face. I know it was mean...I've never done it again since. As I pulled away, the poor guy had a look on his face like I just burst his bubble! Before you all growl at me...tell me you haven't ever thought the same?

Hahahahaha too hilarious. Even after reading this, I can't wait!

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Open Position Family Stickers Win!


A real best friend makes your family question your sexuality. IT'S SO FUNNY HOW TRUE THIS IS BRB DYING.

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A Wash U Freshman’s First Month, as told by Kristen Wiig

bahahah shes the best