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Tight, spiral curls from root to tip or loose beach waves that stay all day with your straightener and some foil. I'M SO EXCITED! I THINK I'LL DO THIS TONIGHT!!!

How to do beachy waves in less than 5 minutes: 1. Divide your hair into two parts. 2. Twist each section and tie with a hair tie. 3. Run your straighter/flat iron over both of the twist a few times. 4. Untie twists, and you're done.

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Messy Beach Waves | Beauty Tutorials

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This works really well! Be careful about the ends, though, wrap them around your pinkie finger well or you will get kinky looking ends!

Flat Iron Tips and Tricks.

Overnight Heatless Curls! These look just like curling iron curls or waves! Plus they are easy to sleep on #KMHaloCurls

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How to do easy Beach Waves with flat iron.

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i hope this is as easy as it looks;

How to curl your hair with a flat iron

Curling Hair Tutorial - Getting a Natural Look! Have you always wanted the perfect, natural-looking curls? Tired of getting processed-looking curls that go flat in a couple hours? I'll take you though an easy technique for voluminous, flowing curls that last all day. My hair is naturally straight, but this style can be done on any hair type, shoulder length or longer! >>> want to try!

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how to curl hair with a flat iron. a life-saver today.

curling your hair in 5 mins