Each holding their parents' wedding photos

Doing this. Wedding flowers, invitations, announcements in shadow box.


A photo with photos of your parents' wedding days. | 42 Impossibly Fun Wedding Photo Ideas You'll Want To Steal

A "first look" not just with the groom, but with Dad | 42 Impossibly Fun Wedding Photo Ideas You'll Want to Steal | Dad Wedding Pictures | Must-Have Wedding Pictures

This would be a really cute pic with the bride's Left hand at the top to show off the ring.

wedding picture

A sweet wedding present for mom and dad :)

Love this pic and how each brides maids and grooms men have a different color!!

Kate Spade,"Mrs" necklace. Someone tell my future husband I want this for our wedding :)

a before the wedding shot...without actually seeing each other (:

Mamas and their babies. Such a cute wedding photo idea.

Praying together...so, so sweet and special

Okay, this idea is hilarious! Take before-and-after mugshots the night of the bachelorette party. Each gal can hold a sign describing her role in the wedding. Make photo albums and give one to each of your girls, or just keep them all to yourself ; )

DEE! We should totally do this shot at one of the bars at the resort for your wedding!!!!

Cute wedding picture.

lol cute pic

<3 pre wedding photo without breaking tradition:)

A great way to have the families get to know each other better if they don't already. Cute sign for a wedding without seating assignments #stagerightetc


i want a picture like this!