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Let's learn embroidery: Rose-spiral buttonhole knot

I intended to make another flower using the buttonhole-knot method but ended up making a rose. So, here’s my latest rose creation-spiral bu.

Let's learn embroidery: Underwater scene-coral 2

For the last item on the seabed, I’ve decided to embroider another coral. For the body of this coral, I’m going to use weaving te.

Let's learn embroidery: Underwater scene-fish 2

Today, I,m going to embroider another fish – smaller than the previous one. For the head and body, I’ve used one strand from the .

Let's learn embroidery: Buttonhole knot lazy daisy

In this tutorial, I'm going to show how you can transform a normal lazy daisy into a beautiful flower using buttonhole-knot technique.

Let's learn embroidery: Flower stitch 3

I’m sorry for the delay in publishing this post.I’d to deal with a personal loss – the death of my beloved puppy, Blackie.I’ve yet to rec.

Let's learn embroidery: Underwater scene-seahorse, good technique for the dragon i want to do

For the last sea creature for this underwater scene embroidery, my choice is a seahorse. For this, I’ve used pearl cotton thread.

Let's learn embroidery: Buttonhole knot flower-double

I made this flower on both sides of the petal, hence naming it double buttonhole-knot flower. Make a straight stitch from A to B with 2 s.