and hot like all three of them! How about everything like Finnick #teamfinnick

Lol haha funny / Hunger Games Humor / Peeta / Gale / Finnick--- but I'm not gonna die alone bc I have found that guy.

Normally I put funny stuff on this board, but things that make me smile go on here too. This is just really cool :) Definitely worth reading.

Jennifer Hutcherson

Jennifer Lawrence And Josh Hutcherson Are Soulmates… No Questions Asked. Meant to be people. Meant to be!

Jen is me! All I think about in the morning at school is "If I do this I get to eat"

Funny pictures about Because she's an artist. Oh, and cool pics about Because she's an artist. Also, Because she's an artist.

Peeta Mellark funny - Google Search

I thought it said "Finnick like Finnick" and I thought 'Yes. I do need a guy who's Finnick like Finnick'

The meaning behind the hunger games

Hunger games>>> the hungers capitol was the authors take on our media and that's possibly the reason why she wrote this book to show people that the media glorifies the good things and downplays the bad unless the bad things give more attention

Sick and twisted is the whole point of the Hunger Games, people!

Wow <<< real age casting has power<<< I haven't watched the movies, but, yeah. The actual horror of CHILDREN slaughtering eachother for entertainment is all sorts of horrifying.

I love her bc she's never let the fame go to her head. She's freaking hilarious and dorky and chill like a normal person.

She is truly beautiful, but people who love her love her because of the faces she makes and her humor!) I love her!