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  • Kendra Zunker

    My future daughter :)

  • Catherine Bryant

    country girl southern cowboy little girl sweet

  • Jedediah Lebsack

    Sorry Boys I Only Date Cowboys Funny Baby or by ShopTheIttyBitty, #lovely kid #Cute Baby #baby boy #cute kid #baby girl|

  • Madison Kaye Goubeaux

    Aweeeee <3 smart girl!

  • Ashley Kastl

    OSU Cowboys ;)

  • Adolf Mitchell

    This will be my little girl! Adorable! Where can I find that shirt for #cute kid #baby girl #Cute Baby #baby boy #lovely kid|

  • Tabitha Hyer

    Sorry Boys I Only Date Cowboys Funny Baby or by ShopTheIttyBitty, if I have a little girl she will so wear this...with pink cowboy boots :-)

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And when just 1 person shatters those for you its damaged with others too...just think about it

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F. Scott Fitzgerald This is perfect

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Don't love the way this one looks as is, but love the idea. Paint large canvases and mount for a corner headboard (or not corner).

I like the concept; but it needs more likes behind the curtain.

I know I'm too old to love this but I can't help it lol... Hang a curtain rod draped with sheer curtains (or fabric) at headboard height, behind the bed, then add some white holiday lights behind the fabric and across the rod, this adds a soft, relaxing, romantic feel to any bedroom.

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need this. immediately.

pretty pieces.

Drank it down, filled it back up with sand; Homemade souvenir. GREAT idea!


Pretty sure the fish only jumped out of the water to be with him. Just saying... :D

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