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Eva Rose | symbol | freedom | set free | let go | floating | colours | float |

Portrait Photography, Artist Study, with thanks to Photographer Anka Zhuravleva ,Resources for Art Students, CAPI ::: Create Art Portfolio Ideas at Art School Portfolio Work, Portrait, Painting, Figure, Faces, Composition

I stood there alone. "I can bend the mist now...?" I questioned myself. Why not attempt it? The faster i learn the faster ill be able to save my own skin in this foresaken place. I closed my eyes and concentrated. I reopened... nothing happened. "Hm.." i closed my eyes again and took a deep breath. "Concentrate. " i told myself. "Concentrate." I felt a shiver run down my spine. I opened my eyes too see green hedges. "I did it!" I rejoiced. But wait... i had just trapped myself in a maze.

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16 People Who Really Know How To Take A Summer Photo

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I'd be lying if I said this never got old, but when I wake up in a good mood, it's sort of fun getting chased by African children on my morning runs

Paris Photo 2010 | Photography | Agenda | Phaidon Ellen Kooi