List of best family home evening resources, games, ideas, etc from

How to feed a family of 6 on $200 a month, with example menus, shopping lists and amount spent on each item. Good blog for recipes too.

Family Night: Choosing Happiness. I really like this one.

Embroidered Family Trees - YW wanted to become more involved with family history, they decided to create an embroidered family-tree project. It ended up bringing their family history to life and taught them new skills along the way. - supplies - material (various colors - trunk, leaves and background), thread for embroidery, list of 5 generations of your family. LOVE THIS!!

FHE Lesson - The Sacrament

Little LDS Ideas: 'Fill Our Home with Love': a Family Home Evening Idea


Turn a ho-hum family cookout into one that will long be remembered with these fun games!!! #oscarrmayer #makingmemories

Great Idea for Stone Art

No more scribbling grocery lists on the back of envelopes. Slap this attractive magnetized list to the front of your fridge and whether it’s kale or ketchup, ev

Liahona Family Home Evening Chart - now that is just cool

What if we told you that we'd found a one-stop shop of AWESOME Family Home Evening resources? Well, we have. And we want to share them with YOU! LDS Living has HUNDREDS of pre-planned lessons on HUNDREDS of topics-so you can meet any need your family has. These lessons come fully equipped with ideas for songs, activities and games, conference talks, and refreshment recipes!

Mormon Mommy Blogs: Family Home Evening Lesson about Honesty

The Life of Christ - Family Home Evening (FHE) Lesson. Great for toddlers and young children!

Mormon Easter Family Home Evening lesson

Hard Work lesson for Family Home Evening by A Year of FHE.

Family Home Evening Ideas

Family Home Evening Chart

Learning To Be a Mom: Family Home Evening for toddlers

Great idea for a kid that loves to draw - I could have used this growing up :-)

Tips on doing family home evening ( FHE ) with toddlers on a mom and sisters blog! I loved this post!!