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    • Jillian Gitchell

      The quote says it all

    • Jane Napoleon

      629 - story of my life. Are u ok? I will be ok if I knew u were. What are u doing? Honestly I have been just driving around aimlessly, going everywhere in a feeble attempt to distract myself. I need u. 652 - sorry I am at a place don't want to call home. I miss you. I need you as well. Im as good as i'm going to be without you. Not really i'm hurting. I feel terrible for hurting you. I want to crawl into a hole and die. I never wanted to hurt you but I did. I think i'm being way to much for you. I'm to emotionally damaged for u to handle. I need you. I won't be able to live without you. 706 - I'm just hurt. You were never too much for me, I'm just not enough for u and that kills me. Between me and u I'm the damaged one and I'm sorry for that.

    • Nicole Austin

      One of my favorite quotes

    • Lynn Dominguez

      Keep smiling ;)

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    All she ever wanted was unpredictable kisses and unforgettable laughter.

    Save the excuses. It's not about "having" time. It's about making time. If it matters, you will make time."

    Self love


    And more importantly, a proposal you've waited for is so much more satisfying than one you begged for. I know he asked because he was positive I was the one.

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    One day, soon, someone is going to hold you so tight that all your broken pieces are going to fit back together.

    Sarcasm & wine

    A very useful thing to keep in mind when helping someone else deal with their pain.

    sagitarius and relationships

    Sagittarius. All true but the statement about leaving at the last minute...

    The best thing...

    So true....

    I always overstay my welcome, talk too long on the phone, and never want my friends to leave when they come over!


    Soft words on cloud painting

    As you move will compare everyone to him. No one will ever measure up. And he compares no one to you. You are just forgotten.

    Seriously though.

    Don't settle quote