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    • Veronica Ruiz

      I could NOT stop laughing. So worth the watch! Probably one of THE funniest videos ever. I so so hope that someday I find a guy who thinks I'm cute when I look a mess like this. She's adorable and he's so funny.

    • Paige Bustin

      This is soooo funny!! I was laughing so hard haha

    • Amber Bruno

      I AM DYINGGGG! please watch! Husband takes video of his wife, who is extremely confused after getting her wisdom teeth out. Im dying hahaha her facial expressions are so funny!!

    • Alexis Bellra

      Hilarious! This is one of the most hilarious videos I have ever seen, my stomach aches from laughing so hard!

    • Anna Mills-Jesuino

      OK! There are a lot of Wisdom Teeth videos but this girl is seriously HILARIOUS!!! Also, this is funny that I found this on Pintrest because I use to work at this office and with the assistant in this video as well. Loved that job because of this very reason...such funny stuff happened all the time!! :) -AJ

    • Nikki Akers

      This is probably the funniest thing I have ever seen! I laughed so hard I cried.

    • Lindsie West

      omg wisdom teeth videos are so funny.

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    teeth are very important. I think I laughed wayyyy to hard at these..

    "Dude, my icepack is judging me" (Never text for a good 3 hours after getting your wisdom teeth out -- on second thought -- do, it is so entertaining)

    @Erin No that's not Alan, that's Steve. STEVE! STEVE!

    i dont know why i found this so hilarious

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    I think I would have a heart attack if this happened to me. Id think the world was opening up to eat me!

    Teeth are very important. And this totally made my bad day soo much better!

    I laughed WAY to hard at this lol

    Hahahahhaha i do this to my cat all the time! I just find his little top teeth so adorable! Poor Gus Gus!

    And then i died laughing...God bless this mother for having both her kids out with wisdom teeth- HAHAHAHA OMG LITERALLY DYING I LAUGHED THE WHOLE TIME

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