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  • Ali Gutierrez

    Love it! #sotrue

  • Stephanie Swenson

    fingers, hand, reasons, reasonings, thumb,okay, index finger, point, middle finger, bitch, ring finger, cute, love, marriage, pinky, pink promise, best friends, friends, promises, love

  • Jackie Thurlow

    hand- so true! Especially my endless, "Do you pinkie promise?"

  • Marsha Allen


  • Monica Moreno

    So cute, and so true.

  • Stormi

    love is easy quotes | love quotes love quotes love quotes can make expressing the feeling of ...

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You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should've behaved better.

May all our lives be so filled and fulfilling.

Things We Forget: 908: Don't base a permanent decision on a temporary emotion.

Do not ever underestimate my ability to find shit out.

I know that wearing an oversized t-shirt does not make me look more skinny, but it does make me feel less fat.

"That was a lovely, fun and relaxing trip to Walmart. Let's do it again soon." Said no one ever.

It may sound dismissive but this is so true. I try to live by this in every relationship I have.